In our memory

Incidents Randolf 20060819 - 20100331

Vår HÖGT ÄLSKADE Sam har nu lämnat oss i enorm sorg och saknad,

tack för dessa underbara åren med dig du är mitt ALLT!


*Årets lyd 2 ekipage 2009,KORAD, LP1, MH, BH, godkänd intagning patrullhund, L-test godkänd som polis/väktar och annan militärverksamhet*





Que sera sera Chili  20090622-20101213


 Vår högt älskade Chili har lämnat oss i en fruktansvärd sorg och saknad,

du fick en alldeles för kort tid med oss, men vi älskar dig förevigt!


Quina von Avenir     20101006-20110331


♥ We borrowed an angel, who spread its light in our life, in every breath.
You were taken away from us, far too early. We borrowed an angel for a while. ♥



Milla di casa nobili



I remember the day we met
no, that day I never will forget
I remember my loyal friend
You were there for me right untill the end
You were always happy and wagged your tail
My love for you will never fail 
You were always gentle and kind
I hope some day back to you I will find
I am loning for you every day
How much I love you I could never say 
You are not in pain anymore 
And that I am greatful for
Goodnight my friend, it's time to sleep
My memories of you I will always keep


Odrin vom Heinrichplatz




Near, far, wherever you are i believe that The heart does go on. Once more you open The Door, and you're here in my heart and my heart Will go on and on. You're here, there's nothing i fear, and I know that my heart Will go on. We'll stay forever this way, you are safe in my heart and my heart Will go on and on 


Percy vom team Radsieksbeeke

*** 20100520-20190204***

sov gott min krigare <3